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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RaYa yG X BaPe HaPpEnInG..

1st of  slamat ari raye tuk sme kawan2,bdk2 tek media,bdk2 class pengantar tekno,cik azura n espeselly tuk member2 yang rapat ngan aku..aku balik kg ri 2 ari rabu..mmg klam kabut aa kemas rumah coz kat umah 2 pun x de sape yg bley kmas..mak ayah aku bz..adik aku plak pmalas..bilik die sniri pun cm bilik org kne pecah umah..huhu..raya taun ni x cam taun2 yg pas..arwah nenek pun dah meninggal..rindu tul nak mkn wajik yg die wat..tiap2 taun slalunye aku wat kuih ngan akak skang ni die dh keje,duduk jauh x dpt aa aku nak wat kuih ngan die..taun ni pun aku x dpt nak kuar jejalan ngan kwn2 baik aku ms sek men..dorg sme makin bz..ade yg dah keje,x dpt cuti,yg blik kg,sbuk ngan awek2 n bf2 dorg..mmg ssh nak jmpe dorg cam bp org je yg aku dpt jmpe..mmg x best aa coz slalunye tiap2 taun ktorg akan kumpul rmai2 then g jln kat umah sme member n cikgu2,tp taun ni x..sedih gak aa coz rindu nak kuar ngan dorg n jmpe dorg..taun ni 1st time aku braye ngan akak ipar baru..dpt aa gak duit raye..akak aku pun dah keje..die bg duit raye kat aku..hehe..2 yg best 2..wlaupn x rmai yg bg,tp dpt gak aku duit raye ratus2..hehe..ermm..kat umah mmg pnat aa rmai dtg espeselly kwn2 adik aku..mmg pnuh aa rmh time dorg dtg..nsb aku kamceng ngan kwn2 adik aku so bley aa aku nyebok time dorg sembang2..ry ke3 ni kwn aku de wat open house..x tau aa dpt g ke x,coz aku nak kne g umah kak ipar aku kat penang..dlm2 raye2 ni aku tension gak aa memikirkan esaimen yg byk n x siap lagik..risau aa.cuti pun x byk ari dah tinggal..kne aa aku siapkan cpt sblm aku balik uum smule..takut nnti kne mrh ngan lec coz esaimen x siap..ermm..pe2 pun slamat ari raya,maaf zahir n batin lagik skali utk sme member2 n cik azura..('',)all

DaTa tAk sEgErAk

  • boleh mengelakkan masalah timing dgn tidak menghantar arus bit berterusan tanpa henti
  • data yang dihantar ialah 1 character setiap masa.1 character =5-8 bit
  • penerima boleh meyegerak pada permulaan setiap character
  • permulaan character iaitu bit mula ialah 0
  • kebaikan data tak segerak mudah dan murah

Monday, September 21, 2009

DaTa sEgErAk

  • sejenis penghantaran data yang berterusan tanpa bit start dan stop
  • saiz blok data boleh mengandungi banyak bit
  • untuk mengelakkan perbezaan timing antara penghantar dan penerima, perlu penyegerakkan jam
  • penghantaran segerak memerlukan tahap kesegerakkan yang berbeza supaya penerima mengetahui tentang mula dan berakhirnya sutu blok data
  • blok data dimulakan dgn turutan bit preamble,diakhiri dgn turutan bit postamble
  • penghantaran data segerak lebih efisyen untuk data besar

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MeSh tOpOlOgY

Mesh Network is a network where all the nodes are connected to each other and is a complete network.In a Mesh Network every node is connected to other nodes on the network through hops.Some are connected through single hops and some may be connected with more than one hope.While the data is travelling on the Mesh Network it is automatically configured to reach the destination by taking the shortest route which means the least number of hops.Data travels by hopping from one node to another and then reaches the destination node in a Mesh Topology Network.
An example of a Mesh Network is the Mobile Adhoc Network or MANet.The entire Mesh Network is continuously connected.Being completely connected does not mean that Mesh Network is dependant on each and every node of the network.Even if one node fails in the Mesh Network the network finds an alternate route to transfer the data.It is called the self healing technology where it receives data one way or the other.The Mesh Network is based on a very sensible concept and has lesser chances of a network breakdown.There are so many possible combinations of routes and hops a data transfer can take that it will reach the destination one way or the other.It is highly unlikely that all the nodes in a single Mesh Network will break down at any given point of time.


Wireless Mesh Network will work based on the radio frequencies and was originally developed by the army to be able to communicate.The reliability factors is high in any kind of Mesh Network.There are three types of wireless Mesh Topologies.
  • Fixed Wireless Connections
  • Peer to Peer or Adhoc Networks
  • Node to Node
the fixed Mesh Networks will work only in the specified location and they are not mobile networks.They are meant to be used in a limited surrounding with boundaries.The location of nodes in affixed Mesh Network is all pre determined and they are not interchangeable.The fixed Mesh Network does not work on line of sight like the other types of Mesh Network.The total number of hops in a fixed Mesh Network is usually fixed and also short.There may not be many nodes as this kind of Mesh Networks exist within an office or building.More often than not the data travels on a specific direction
in a peer to peer mobile network the individual devices connect to each other using the Mesh Network.The peer does not require connecting to the main node and they can still communicate from one device to another device by taking the shortest possible data transfer route.However many experts believe that in peer to peer Mesh Networks the problems with scalability in terms of time taken for data transfer is questionable.The device has to know to transmit the data in the most optimal path and the entire data transfer or depends on this single factor.If the device is incapable then the whole purpose of using it in a peer to peer connection is lost
a Node-To-Node network is a combination of fixed Mesh Network and the mobile Mesh Network.In the node to node network a network cloud is introduced and all the nodes are configured to use the network cloud to connect to each other.So this feature makes it mobile and also the network is fixed because all the nodes of the same network connect to one single network cloud


a tree topology combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies.It consists of star-configured workstations connected to a linear bus backbone cable.Tree topologies allow for the expansion of an existing network and enable schools to configure a network to meet their needs.


  • point to point writing for individual segments
  • supported by several hardware and software venders
  • overall length of each segment is limited by the type of cabling used
  • if the backbone line breaks,the entire segment goes down
  • more difficult to configure and wire than other topologies

Saturday, September 5, 2009


consumer to consumer(C2C) is electronic commerce involves the electronically-facilitated transactions between consumers through some third party.A common example is the online auction,in which a consumer posts an item for sale and other consumers bid to purchase it;the third party generally charges a flat fee or commission.The sites are only intermediaries,just there to match consumers.They do not have to check quality of the products being offered.
the examples of C2C is eBay and type of e-commerce is expected to increase in the future because it cuts out the costs of using another company.An example on how it could change in the future from Management Information Systems,if you are driving around in a car,someone having a garage sale can transmit to your GPS advertising their garage sale.This will reach a larger population than just signs.
C2C are becoming more popular amongst students in universities because these are large communities in the same geographical region that are low on money.So they are looking for deals very often and these kinds of websites offer this.Universities themselves set up places for students to sell textbooks and other stuff to other students.


consumer to business(C2B) is an electronic commerce business model in which consumers(individuals) offer products and services to companies and the companies pay them.This business model is a complete reversal of traditional business model where companies offer goods and services to consumers(business to consumer=B2C)

this kind of economic relationship is qualified as an inverted business type.The advent of the C2B scheme is due to major changes-:
  • connecting a large group of people to a bidirectional network has made this sort of commercial relationship possible.The large traditional media outlets are one direction relationship whereas the internet is bidirectional one
  • decreased cost of technology:individuals now have access to technologies that were once only available to large companies(digital printing and acquisition technology,high performance computer,powerful software)


business to business(B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses,such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler,or between a wholesaler and a retailer.The volume of B2B transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C transactions.The primary reason for this is that in a typical supply chain there will be many B2B transaction involving subcomponent or raw materials,and only one B2C transaction,specifically sale of the finished product to the end customer.For example,an automobile manufacturer makes several B2B transactions such as buying tires,and rubber hoses for its vehicles.The final transaction,a finished vehicle sold to consumer,is a single (B2C) transaction.

B2B web site can be sorted into:

  • COMPANY WEB SITES,since the target audience for many company Web sites is other companies and their employees.Company sites can be thought of as round-the-clock-mini-trade exhibits.Sometimes a company Web site serves as the entrance to an exclusive extranet available only to costumers or registered site users.Some company Web sites sell directly from the site,effectively e-tailing to other businesses
  • PRODUCT SUPPLY AND PROCUREMENT EXCHANGES,where a company purchasing agent can shop for supplies from vendors,request proposals,and,in some cases,bid to make a purchase at a desired price.Sometimes referred to as e-procurement sites,some serve a range of industries and others focus on a niche market
  • SPECIALIZED OR VERTICAL INDUSTRY PORTALS,which provide a "subWeb" of information,product listings,discussion groups,and other features.These vertical portal sites have a broader purpose than the procurement sites(although they may also support buying and selling)
  • BROKERING SITES,act as an intermediary between someone wanting a product or service and potential providers.Equipment leasing is an example
  • INFORMATION SITES(sometimes known as infomediary),which provide information about a particular industry for its companies and their employees.These include specialized search sites and trade and industry standards organization sites
many B2B sites may seem to fall into more than one of these groups.Models for B2B sites are still evolving.Another type of B2B enterprise is software for building B2B Web sites,including site building tools and templates,database,and methodologies as well as transaction software.B2B is e-commerce between businesses.An earlier and much more limited kind of online B2B prior to internet was Electronic Data Interchange(EDI),which is still widely used

MiNgGu yAnG AgAk bLuR...

ermm..dsebabkan aku dah miss class yang lepas,aku agak blur ckit aa ngan ape yg dajar minggu ni..aku pun x bp pokes sgt ms cik azura ajar..mgkn sebab aku dah miss topic yang lepas,so aku agak blur ckit aa..mnggu ni ktorg blaja psl komunikasi data..komunikasi data ni 1 proses perpindahan atau penghantaran data yg dah diproses oleh komputer yg akan dihantar ke komputer lain melalui media komunikasi yang tertentu..byk lg aa yang ade dlm topik ni cam modem,bluetooth,Wi-Fi,topologi n etc..agak laju aa cik azura ngajar mlm 2..pas aje cik azura abis ngajar,die wat kuiz..aku dpt tau psk kuiz ni pun last minute..mmg aku x sempat study sgt aa..jadual aku ari rabu pun mmg padat..byk class n jwb 2 pun byk gak aa yg aku x tau mmg slh aku sniri aa coz x study ape yg aku dh blaja awl2..mnggu ni gak cik azura collect file ktorg utk dsemak..pas 2 ktorg kne cr n post psl topologi pokok n mesh topology..aku pun br dpt tau dr mira yg ktorg kne post psl B2B,C2B ngan C2C..byk gak aa yg aku nak kne post kan dlm blog kali ni..arap2 aku dpt abiskan wat post ni cpt coz de esaimen nak kne siapkan n antar sblm cuti raya ni...


minggu ni aku x g sme sebab aku demam..pja pun x g class jgak sebab die pun demam cam aku..ermm..ktorg bjangkit ngan roomate ktorg,farah..die aa yg membawa virus demam ni smpai sme org dlm bilik kne demam..doc 2 suh aku kuarantin sebab die kt aku ni maybe suspek H1N1..aku agak takut aa bl die kt aku ni maybe aku kne H1N1..suhu aku pun agak tinggi ms 2..2 ari aku dpt mc..dsebabkan demam aku mcm x elok je,parents aku suh aku balik umah n bw aku g check kat,aku miss class cik azura..class aku yg ari khamis pn aku x g..byk topic dah aku miss..risau gak aa sebab bknnye lecturer bley ajar sme mende 2 nasib baik aa cik azura masukkan nota die dlm learn care..dpt gak aa aku tau n study ape yg die dh ajar minggu 2..aku dapat tau dr kwn aku yg ktorg kne post kan psl porat MyEG ngan RILEK n perbezaan antara PC ngan Mac Apple..jujurnya aku x penah tau psl portal2 2..x tau pun kerajaan de sediakan portal tuk kemudahan orang malaysia..agak bagus aa portal 2,dpt mudahkan urusan orang ramai...psl PC n Mac Apple pun aku x bape tau sgt..tau cikit2 aje..bile kne wat psl 2,dpt gak aa aku + pengetahuan aku pasal PC n Mac 2..