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Thursday, August 25, 2011

ini kisah : Cameron Mitchell, The Glee Project.

Assalamualaikum and ello peeps.

mood : keep holding on - avril lavinge.

i can't sleep, so i decided to watch the glee project videos.
btw, i made an entry bout the glee project few days ago. click here.
and, yeah i knew that my fav contestant, 
cameron quit the show on week 7.
fyi, it's not been broadcast on Malaysia yet. 
the glee project already has a winner, but i'll keep it a secret.

ohh cameron, y did u quit?
what a waste. u r so talented and awesome.
and i believe that u can be the winner.
and i'm falling for u. u r my obsession now.  *blushing*
it's kinda sad because i can't watch u on glee project.
many people said that u quit because u wanna save damian.
aww. u have a big heart.

* bromance *

* i cried when i watched this video *
* btw, ur voice sound sexy when u sang this song. hehe *
* u make me love this song even more *

so, the whole world knew u dated demi lovato
when u r in 9th grade and she is in 6th grade.
deym. lucky demi. 
but u have a new girlfriend now. im jealous.

yeah.. u have a gf, but i still love u. hee.
bcoz u have a great voice and u r a great 
singer and songwriter too.
i like ur body gesture too. it's kinda weird but its works.
what can i say? u stole my heart!

* weird but cute *

ok, i'm not gonna lie. i like u because u r handsome too. hehe
i just cant take my eyes of u. *___*

* u rock! *

* i'm melted *

* please.. sing a song for me. ^__^ *

* u r killin me. please.. stop being a cutie. hehe.*
* mom, dad, i think i'm in love. hee *

i like him since i watched his audition.
he sing his original song called " love can wait "

this is a full version. enjoy.

his final week on glee singing blackbird. T.T

so peeps.. if u wanna listen to his song, 
do subscribe his channel.
support this awesome guy.

*ohh, cameron. please come to malaysia. =)

aini ibrahim.

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