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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ini kisah : The Glee Project.

Assalamualaikum and ai ai peeps.

honestly, i'm not a fan of glee.
and i never watched glee more that twice.  
but, when i heard they sang "marry you - bruno mars" 
i fall in love with them.
such a great cover and it makes me love that song even more.

this is the cover. take a moment and listen to it peeps. 
kyaaa. i feel like i want them to sing at my wedding day. 
(like i'm gonna get marry right. i don't even have a bf. brahh.)

glee cover - marry you.

my bruno version.
* bruno, will you marry me? *shy* 

bruno mars - marry me. =p

so, back to the topic peeps : The Glee Project. 
it is a reality show.
glee is looking for a new cast for their new season.
one of these 12 lucky people will be the new glee cast.
till today, two of them were out, ellis and bryce.
(ohh, fyi i already know who are the finalists, but 
let it be a secret. hehe.)

my fav contestants.

* cool. simple yet amazing *

* rock. unique. *

* a cutie with ireland accent *

* a diva himself. *

* a small guy with a big talent *

the other contestants.

all of them have a great and amazing talent.
so, watch the show if you are a glee fan and if you 
like to watch a reality show like me.
u won't regret. believe me.

aini ibrahim.

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