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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

monday kiz.

Assalamualikum and hye hye peeps.

kpop. seems like a lot of people didn't like kpop.
but not me. ever since my friends told me about kpop, i juz fall in love with kpop.
(yeaah, they were the one who influenced me - to like kpop,
so put the blame on them, ok. don't hate me. hee)

but, i don't care what people gonna say bout 
me - supporting kpop.
words are juz words. it doesn't bother me at all. 
as long as im happy with my life.

i love kpop music, kpop actors, kpop dramas and kpop movies.
i don't know why, but their movies and songs had touched 
my heart, and i can't stop watching and listening to them.

waa. seems like i had talked a lot up there. hee. sorry.
so, enuff with that part and back to the topic - monday kiz.
monday kiz? today is not monday. and i've
never been kiss. ( topic)

well, fyi it's actually a kpop group. monday kiz.
its first debuted in late 2005 as a duo members - Kim Min Soo and Lee Jing Sung.
but sadly, in 2008, Kim Min Soo died in a motorcycle accident.
and they stopped all activities since then.

* kim min soo. rip. *

but in 2010, they made a comeback and two new members
were added to the group.

* jin seung gil *
* 26 y.o *

* han seung hui *
* 23 y.o. *

* im han byul *
* 22 y.o *

i like three of their songs. and i still searching and listening to other songs.
shu ru rup, gajima (don't go) and goodbye my princess (prosecutor princess ost)
juz love these songs and their voices too.

gajima. (don't go) - monday kiz.

shu ru rup - monday kiz.

goodbye my princess - monday kiz


aini ibrahim

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