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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

confession of a friend

"i couldn't say to u what i felt 
and i had to keep this confession for me"

yeaa.. this is what i felt.. liking someone but i didn't have the courage to tell him that i like him. maybe the best way for us is to stay as a friend.. hurmm.. maybe i should just follow the flow and hoping for some miracle. who knows maybe one day he will have the same feeling like i have.. ^__^

"but now im going to confess it to you, 

dangggg... i'll not confess it. not today, not tomorrow, or maybe will not confess it forever. i'll keep this feeling, secretly admire him and will not let him know that i like him. or maybe i should confess it? err..maybe not..

those words (in purple) are lyrics from a song which is Confession Of a Friend from 2AM. first time i heard this song i felt in love with it and just love it. it sound sweet, sad and easy listening to. their voice are nice to hear too.. 

it is kinda funny how we can love something that we didn't understand (i mean before i found eng sub for this song) and how music an make us crazy bout something. (in my case, crazy bout k-pop 4 sure..hehe). 

since i'd talk bout this song, i'll share the song that make me blown away every time i hear it..(yeaaa..i'm kinda over when it comes to something that i like but whatever)

confession of a friend - 2AM (i think this group is kinda cool even they didn't dance a lot like the other k-pop group, but hey, the important thing is if their voice are great and their song are nice, dancing isn't important anymore, right?)

lil bit info bout them...


VickY_Lee said...

noni..aku nak lagu ni...makna

aini said...

hehe.bley.nanti bl dh dpt laptop aku kasik eh