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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, June 10, 2011

amazing guy and a very lucky gurl

assalamualaikum n hello peeps..

arini aku tertengok 1 video dekat youtube n im amazed..

this girl is so lucky bcoz she's got someone who really love her.
despite her outlook (in my eyes she is beautiful, but some people commented that she is fat..i mean,come on peeps..outlook isn't everything in love..)
and i think this guy must be rich because he can do something like this.
but i'm not sure if he was being sponsored by a tv show which is "Howie Do It" just like someone's commented.
but one thing for sure, he is a kind of guy that will do anything to make his loves one happy.
he even dance to his sweet.

so, this video is about her bf who at the beginning make a prank, but end up propose his gf in so damn sweet, happening, romantic, and amazing way.
honestly, i'm jealous too..hehe...

an epic proposal and wedding.
maybe better than prince william and kate wedding.hehe..(just my opinion)
a wow and amazing video peeps. just like a fairy tale. watch it. 

i just cried when he said " but i knew that you are my everything, i wanna spend the rest of my life with you, i want you to be my eternity, will you marry me? " :')
how i wish someone will say these words to me too..

you are a lucky gurl nikki. and you are an amazing guy justin.
even thought you will not read my post, but i wish both of you all the happiness and may God bless your marriage. 

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