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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, June 16, 2011

nigahiga. you are so damn cool!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps.

 *waa..ini merupakan entry aku yg ke 101. (ok, x byk pun). tp x sangka aku dah post entry smpai 100. hehe..

before this, i'd told you guys about two youtube awesome and amazing peeps click here!
so, today i wanna share about one guy. a really really cool guy. and i just knew bout him few months ago. 
so, yeah. its kinda late, but still i wanna share bout him.
his name is nigahiga (well this is his youtube name.. his real name is ryan higa)
he has over 3.8 million subscribes and is the most subscribed youtube channel of all time.. (cool huh)

one thing that so special bout him is he speaks fast. damn fast. (and he is handsome too *____* )
if u guys don't believe me, try and watch his video.
and if you like, you can subscribe to his channel click here! click here!

so, i'll post my fav video from his channel, enjoy it peeps!!

the halloween story. love hanate's halloween story. haha.

"because everytime you holding a fart, you're that much closer to killing a baby" seriously.

old story. but now i knew why chris brown beat rihanna.

u don't need an ipod because now you have ipod human!!

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Anonymous said...

i like nigahiga too.